How you can download the MapQuest app free for Android

Go to the Google Play page for the free app MapQuest and Tap the Install button. An app like Foursquare does a GPS lookup to figure out where the user is and then provides a list of nearby places where I can check in.

New features:

1.Voice-Guided/Turn-by-Turn Navigation can make Your phone speaks to you, telling you when to make a turn. Don’t even try to set a location pin for a story – it’s not possible. Should you want to create a chapter for a destination.

2.Automatic OSM maps for international users, so you can allows users to take MapQuest abroad. User-sourced maps can provide unique local perspective and detail.

3.Choose to walk or drive and we’ll give you the best route either way. If you take a wrong turn, it will your route will be automatically adjusted your route to get you to your destination.

4.Map Rotates in Orientation of Travel makes your map easier to read (with ability the option to lock to north up).Automatic OSM maps for international users, so you can allows users to take MapQuest abroad.

5.Look for restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. with one 1-click. You can save any location as a Favorite from the Details screen for easy access later.

Travel Blogs of MapQuest works on the concept of a travel book with chapters

Travel Blogs of MapQuest works on the concept of a travel book with chapters. Once you’ve created a chapter, it’s time to add content to it.While the MapQuest Travel Blogs are web-based, you don’t need to be connected to the internet while preparing a post.

Each chapter can describe a specific day on a trip, or a segment of a long journey that spans several days.AOL acquired the mapping service in 2000, which had 33.6 million business, internet, mobile and web users in January 2013 according to comscore Media Matrix and MobiLens.

AOL’s goal is to try and entice users inspire others to do the same by the sharing content.The app saves your information locally for synchronization to the blog servers.

The location features in this first version of the app could use some improvement and will most likely be updated in the future by the MapQuest team.

New users need to create an account on MapQuest Travel Blogs

New users need to create an account on MapQuest Travel Blogs, which is done either from the website or the app. The brand’s social travel platform and the AOL network. This is a clear sign that the service wants to move beyond the just the mapping arena.

I had some issues logging in after signing up from the app, so I ended up going to the website to resolve those problems before continuing with the app.

“Now we’re growing the brand to have a role beyond setting directions. With tools like Travel Blogs, we’re building a product ecosystem that enhances the traveller’s experience at each step in the journey,” says McMahon.

MapQuest claims that users can elect to keep their blogs private

For the past few years we’ve used a self-hosted WordPress blog, which entails making sure that the WordPress software and plugins are updated on a regular basis and hoping that someone doesn’t decide to throw malware onto the site.

MapQuest claims that users maintain control and can elect to keep their blogs private, but those who allow for public viewing will have their blogs be part of a larger collection of content throughout MapQuest Discover.

MapQuest is owned by TUAW’s parent company, AOL. Our editor-in-chief Victor Agreda noticed this app first, and since we were both about to travel.It seemed like a pleasure trip would be a more appropriate use of the Travel Blogs app, so I offered to check it out.

Mapquest Users can create travel journals even if they are offline

For future trips, we might be using MapQuest Travel Blogs and the accompanying free Travel Blogs iOS app to track our trips.

Users can create travel journals even if they are offline, it then updates automatically when they have a connection to the internet or 3G. MapQuest, for all intents and purposes, is a provider of online maps and driving directions — think Google Maps.

But while Google has been growing its mapping service, this content can be synced to update the blog, which can also be shared by the users social channels or via email if the user chooses to do so.

MapQuest released its new initiative Travel Blogs

Mapquest like those expensive GPS units, this free app speaks to you, telling you when and where to make a turn. MapQuest has been quietly laying the groundwork beyond their core offering into the wide world of travel. Travel Blogs also includes an iPhone app where users shares trips they take.

“We have been watching their transformation and are excited that we will be joining them to help build the future of travel online.” Said Mapquest.

MapQuest intends to use content to increase traffic and build better relationships. MapQuest has been lagging behind — look at Google’s attempt at bringing more visual appeal to maps with Street View.

Travel Blogs is aimed to help MapQuest continue to create content and encourage relationships between users thanks to the new app.In addition to releasing an SDK for developers to incorporate Google Maps into their apps.

Travel Blogs will help us build out our existing catalogue of authentic stories designed to inspire readers to hit the road again or book that next flight,” continues McMahon. It’s great to see that MapQuest has released an iOS app as well since most people won’t want to take photos or video and wait to upload it to their page.

MapQuest for iPhone unveiled its traffic-optimized routing

If you take a wrong turn, MapQuest re-routes you automatically. Download the FREE MapQuest app today!MapQuest says that it is importing all your content, except videos to its new service.They can be also shared with friends through YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Traffic-optimized routing can check traffic along your route continually and adjust if congestion is detected. MapQuest is a top provider of FREE voice-guided, turn-by-turn, GPS navigation for iPhone.What’s more about MapQuest? Multiple-stop routes, landscape view, customizable avatars and more! Simplified Search can Look for restaurants, gas stations & more with a tap. Live Traffic Display Updated every 5 minutes.

Other features include discovering new content from fellow travel journalists and having it being accessible through any computer or iOS device out there.

Newly Designed MapQuest Gas Prices Site Unveiled

Newly designed mapquest gas prices site is unveiled, which streamlines access for smartphone and tablet users. It makes it more easy for users who want to find gas prices around them. The users can find the cheapest gas stations by using mapQuest gas prices site.

The updates include smartphones, tablets and website, three versions of its service for Apple IOS and Google Android system.

Errors of Mapquest Driving Directions

MapQuest said that less than 1% of the users will contact them for a variety of reasons, Very few people get the wrong driving directions, and some of the very small number of people reporting website error. Because the amount of management data of the MapQuest is very large and these data are from different sources. Therefore, it’s impossible to ensure its maps and driving directions correct completely.

Occasionally there will be such a situation, MapQuest said it should go north of the single line, but in fact that the road is in the south; Or say that it should turn left, in fact that it need to turn right. Some of the most common errors of MapQuest include:

1.The address locator is inaccurate (caused by geocoding estimation).

2.Can not recognize the address and the highway exit is incorrect.

If MapQuest can not identify an address, Usually because the address information has not been updated to MapQuest systems. If your house is located on a street just built last year, MapQuest may not know that its exist. Changes in city streets may take several years to enter the MapQuest database.

First, the city must hold a dedication ceremony for the new road after the road was completed and put into use, it may take a few days, a few months or a few years to fulfill this formality. After completing, the U.S. Postal Service will formally recognize it. After United States Postal Service admitted it, the Map Production Company (the company offers data for MapQuest) will update this information in next map updating time.

Then, MapQuest will add a new road information to their data in the next update. This is a long process.

The incorrect highway number (although it is not a widespread problem) For MapQuest users may be a big problem. Probably in the year 2004, several counties in Utah have delayed a few dates.

2004, Utah Department of Transportation changed the I-15, I-70 and I-80 along the hundreds of kilometers of postal marks and exit signs to correct the previous error flag. Ministry of Transportation informed this situation to MapQuest in December 2004. However, due to the MapQuest data are from other sources, so its data provider did not correct the data before it confirmed this change. Thus, before November 2005, the MapQuest database is still using the incorrect exit numbers over 80 Utah highway.

MapQuest provides some links in the “Help” section, you can report the driving directions problem in the map. After reporting, MapQuest will start the error repairing process. MapQuest reports the error to its data provider, provider will confirm the error (people drive to the location and check with their eyes) and correct the error, then the corrected new information will be provided to MapQuest.

Test the new version of MapQuest’s app

MapQuest is thoroughly engaging, but tapping through the map’s POI indicators should be done by a passenger or while the vehicle is stopped.

New features include live traffic cameras and current gas prices. It allows the user to select from categories like restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, gas stations, parking lots and even ATMs. The thing it’s not so good at: actually delivering those directions to you while you’re driving.

I set the destination for the Wisconsin Auto Museum in Hartford, home to a prized collection of more than 100 beautiful, historic vehicles. This redesigned MapQuest version is fairly straightforward and easy to use. Plug the address into the search bar and press the green “Go” button.

I was able to see the real-time gas price for regular gas. If I were driving my Chevrolet Camaro, I’d tap the POI a second time to see the real-time price for premium. The MapQuest app uses your phone’s GPS location services, and I recommend plugging your mobile device into either the car’s auxiliary input or enable Bluetooth audio streaming, if equipped, to better hear the voice guidance that complements the on-screen directions.